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Red River Valley

<a href="">Red River Valley by Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling String Band</a>

About Red River Valley

Originally sung in New York State as The Bright Mohawk Valley, by the 1880s this song had settled in the West as Red River Valley.

Lyrics to Red River Valley

Red River Valley


Come and sit by my side, if you love me
Do not hasten to bid me adieu
Just remember the Red River Valley
And the cowboy who loved you so true


From this valley they say you are going
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile
For they say you are taking the sunshine
That has brightened our pathways a while

I've been thinking a long time, my darling
Of the sweet words you never would say
Now, alas, must my fond hopes all vanish?
For they say you are going away

Do you think of the valley you're leaving?
O how lonely and how dreary it will be
Do you think of the kind hearts you're breaking?
And the pain you are causing to me

They will bury me where you have wandered
Near the hills where the daffodils grow
When you're gone from the Red River Valley
For I can't live without you I know

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Ballad of America Volume 2: America Singing
Red River Valley is on the album Ballad of America  Volume 2: America Singing

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